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Welcome to the East Asian Studies Program!

Did you know that the Korean National Anthem was written by an Emory Alumnus?

Emory University has a long tradition of engagement with East Asia, and the East Asian Studies Program continues that tradition, serving as a center for cutting edge research and helping train a new generation of leaders. Our faculty combine excellence in research with a commitment to teaching, and they have diverse specialties. As a result, our students have an opportunity not only to study an East Asian language (Chinese, Korean, or Japanese), but also to take courses with top experts in many different disciplines, sampling Anthropology, Film Studies, Political Science, History, Literature, Environmental Sciences, and much more. A core component of our mission is to encourage and facilitate direct exchange between East Asia and the United States. Students spend at least a semester in China, Korea, or Japan (alternate destinations are also encouraged), developing a deep understanding of the region and creating lasting ties to it. East Asia is one of the most dynamic and fascinating regions on the planet, and East Asian Studies at Emory serves as a gateway to that world.