February, 2019

Julia Bullock lecture

May, 2018

Congratulations, Graduates!

graduation list

April, 2018

Student Research Shines at REALC Symposium

Labaziewicz and Escobar

The Department of REALC was thrilled to host its fourth annual Undergraduate Student Research Symposium in the spring of 2018. Students from all disciplines were invited to submit proposals in the areas of the languages, cultures, societies, or politics of Russia, Eastern Europe, and East Asia. Some students presented work associated with honors theses, while others chose papers written as class assignments. Not only is the symposium an excellent opportunity for undergraduate students to hone their research and presentation skills, it also provides a platform to showcase the innovative and provocative work being done throughout Emory College in REALC’s global areas.

The presenters were as follows:

Christina Morgan, “How Love Challenges the Soviet Regime”

Mallory Carnes (below), “Creating New Spaces: Constructing and Performing Gender in Mandarin-Language Popular Music of the People’s Republic of China, Post-1997”

Kim de Guzman, “Creating Prostitutes as Abnormal Bodies during the Soviet Era”

Daniel Gursoy, “Total War: A Historiographical Comparison of Red Army and Wehrmacht Permission Structures”

Bradyn Schiffman, “Examining NATO’s Impact on Russian-speaking Identity through Media Coverage of Latvia”

Min Jae Choi, “The Motivations for North Korea’s Provocations”

Oscar Escobar and Alex Labaziewicz (above), “Parental Influence on Japanese Language Learners’ Motivation and Language Acquisition”

Yu Yang and Doris Zhou, “Understanding the Cultural and Familial Motivations of Chinese Heritage Learners”

Mallory Carnes

February, 2018

The Department of REALC hosts its Fifth Annual Silk Road Cafe


As part of Emory's annual Love Your Majors Week, the Department of REALC invited students from each of its global areas of study to celebrate the food, art, and culture of Russia and East Asia. Above, Senior Lecturer Noriko Takeda demonstrates the popular art of origami. Below, Chinese Lecturer Hsu-Te Cheng helps students celebrate Chinese New Year with calligraphic messages of prosperity.


September, 2017

Woodruff Library Appoints New Chinese Studies Library Specialist.

Ruoyi Chen has accepted the full-time position of Chinese Studies Library Specialist. He spent two years working in the Woodruff Library cataloging Chinese materials in a part-time capacity, and will now continue his work on a permanent basis.

March, 2017

The Department of Russian and East Asian Languages and Cultures Hosts its Third Annual Student Research Symposium

Yang Xing

Above: Philosophy major Yang Xing presents, "Debates between the Jesuit Missionaries on the Interpretation of Confucianism."

Friday, March 31, 2017, students representing programs from across Emory College and the Laney Graduate School presented their work in the areas of Russian and East Asian studies. Students answered a call for papers requesting submissions on the subjects of Russian or East Asian linguistics, art, history, politics, religion, or culture. The selectees, seven undergraduates and one graduate student, presented on topics ranging from Russian literature to Chinese entrepreneurship. The complete schedule of presenters is below.

symposium flyer

Korea Week Schedule Announced


3/27 MondayOpening event (Asbury Circle)

3/28 TuesdayPanel Discussion – “The "Comfort Women" Statue Installation in Atlanta

as a Transnational Peace Movement”

* 5:45-7:00 Rita Anne Rollins Building (RARB) 102

* Participants

a) Facilitator: Dr. Ellen Ott Marshall (Associate Professor of Christian Ethics and Conflict Transformation)

b) Panels: Won Chul Shin (PhD Student in Ethics and Society, Graduate Division of Religion) and Helen Kim-Ho, Special Advisor of The Atlanta Comfort Women Memorial Taskforce.

* Sponsors:

a) Candler Coordinating Council, Candler School of Theology

b) Religion, Conflict, Peacebuilding Program, Graduate Division of Religion

c) The Ethics and Servant Leadership Program, Center for Ethics

d) Korean Program, REALC

3/29 Wednesday: Korean Culture Fair

* 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM, Cox Hall Bridge

* The Korean Culture Fair is an opportunity to immerse in Korean cultural activities. Take a picture wearing the beautiful traditional Korean garb, hanbok. Or try some of the traditional Korean games. Collect certificates for participating in each cultural activity and exchange them for a small gift!

3/30 Thursday: "South Korean Popular Culture before and after Democracy" –

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Democratization in South Korea

* 5:30-7:00 White Hall 103

* Guest speakers

a) Charles Kim (History, University of Wisconsin): “Culture and Protest in Cold War South Korea.”

b) Jenny Wang Medina (Korean Literature and Cultural Studies, Columbia University): “As the K-World Turns: The Politics of Culture in Millennial South Korea.”

* Sponsors: REALC Korean Program, Halle Institute, East Asian Studies Program.

3/31 Friday: Hangeul Party – A Korean Calligraphy Event

* 4:00-7:00 PM, Brooks Common, Cannon Chapel

* Enjoy an afternoon/evening of modern Korean calligraphy with one of the most prominent calligraphers from Korea. Learn about the Korean alphabet and fall in

love with Korean calligraphy and culture by doing it yourself! The event is children-friendly and a delicious Korean dinner will be provided.

* Sponsors: REALC Korean Program, Halle Institute, East Asian Studies Program, Emory College Language Center (ECLC).

4/2 Sunday: Korea Culture Night

* 3:00 – 5:30 PM, WHSCAB Auditorium

* Emory’s Korean Undergraduate Student Association (KUSA) and Korean International Students at Emory (KISEM) will be hosting their 14th annual Korean Culture Night (KCN) on Sunday, April 2 at 3 p.m., which will highlight various aspects of Korean culture through both modern and traditional performances. The event will be held in the Woodruff Health Sciences Center administration building auditorium and will feature Emory student groups and Atlanta community groups.

Sponsors: Halle Institute and REALC

February, 2017

REALC Hosts Its Biggest 'Love Your Majors' Event Yet!

Korean Dresses

This year's Silk Road Café attracted students from all across campus with its wide variety of Russian and East Asian food and cultural activities. Tables for Chinese calligraphy (below) and paper cutting were very popular, and students enjoyed trying on traditional Korean garments (above) as they sampled a variety of treats from REALC's global areas. Students also learned the art of making Japanese matcha, observed a Chinese tea ceremony,  and lingered over traditional Russian poppyseed cake.